• FAQs
    Technical support for v7.6 and below has been discontinued by Raptivity from Sep 30, 2016. Currently, we only provide support for Raptivity version 7.7.
    We provide 3GB of hosting space per year for $100. In case you run out of space, you can write to us at info@raptivity.com with the additional space requirement and we will quote you the price accordingly.
    Only HTML5 output type can be uploaded currently.
    Post your online purchase, you will receive an email from us with your unqiue login credentials. You may login to the hosting portal with the same credentials and upload the interactions yourself. Once uploaded, you may share the hosted content with learners through email, or unique sharing links.
    Once the subscription expires, your account will be disabled and you will no longer have access to the hosted content. You will need to renew your subscription to regain access.
    Raptivity operates across Windows PC and Mac OS. For PC it supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. For Mac, it supports OS X EI Capitan(10.11.5), OS X Yosemite(10.10.5)
    Raptivity supports more than 125 interactions with HTML5 publishing options.
    You can use Raptivity Linker to create a course using Raptivity HTML5 interactions. Alternatively, you can use Raptivity interactions with authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, etc to create courses. Click here for more details or write to support@raptivity.com .
    Yes, Raptivity HTML5 output is SCORM and AICC compliant. Selected Raptivity interactions also support xAPI (or TinCan). You can find support related information here for every interaction.
    Yes. Interactions created using Raptivity v5.5 and above can be published to HTML5 output.
    Yes! With the latest version of Raptivity all the 35 interactions in Raptivity Essential Pack provide support for Section 508 Guidelines. For a more detailed information on this, have a look at this Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.
    Yes. The output of Raptivity is a single flash file or HTML5, which plays without the need of any propriety plug-ins. For flash output, all you need is Flash Player 9 or above. For HTML5, you don’t need any special plug-in.
    Click here to get step by step details of integration with some of these tools or check out Raptivity Resources section.
    All the 180+ Raptivity interactions are trackable. Raptivity tracks completion status, score and learner responses and makes each interaction Tin Can, SCORM/AICC trackable. You can track the interactions using any SCORM compliant LMS including Blackboard, WebCT, SumTotal, Plateau, Saba and more. The tracking information can also be made available as JavaScript or Flash Shared Object.
    About 30 Raptivity interactions support Tin Can 0.95. To find the list of these interactions, click here or write to support@raptivity.com.
    Yes. Raptivity provides site license option. For more information please write to info@raptivity.com
    Yes. We offer discounts to educational institutes, non-profit and government organizations. For more details about discounts and offers please write to info@raptivity.com
    None! The interactivity you create using Raptivity can be published for royalty free distribution to any number of learners. So you only pay for the license, and can create millions of interactivities.
    You can pay online on www.raptivity.com/store Alternatively, if you want, we can also send you an invoice.
    Yes. We could work with your preferred vendors for delivering Raptivity to you. Alternatively, if you want, we can connect you to our partner(s).
    All Raptivity customers are entitled to free installation support for up to 3 months from the date of purchase. Raptivity also offers Annual Support Plan that ensures quick technical support assistance for any ongoing issues or questions. Annual support plan includes free technical support, upgrades and complimentary access to customer portal where customers can access their license details, find out information about version, upgrades or activation status. The portal also offers a live chat feature to connect with support staff whenever they are available.
    The Raptivity End-User License Agreement entitles a single user to use Raptivity on a singe computer. If you wish to install the software on additional computers, you will need to purchase additional license(s).
    Yes, Raptivity allows you to create your own custom branded versions of the interaction models, and store them under "My Templates". These interaction models can then be re-used without having to do the repetitive task.
    We can easily add Raptivity Flash/HTML5 output in a website by using iframe code. First host Raptivity output on the server, then reference that link in below code.
    <iframe src="Hosted Raptivity output link" width="715" height="500" scrolling="no" />
    For more details write to support@raptivity.com .
    To name just a few: Michigan State University, University of Nebraska, West Virginia University, Mississippi State University, St. Joseph University, Florida State University, Providence College, Wichita State University are amongst those using the power of Raptivity.
    Visit our customers page for more details.
    Yes. The faculty members, educators, or subject matter experts can use Raptivity with minimal learning and absolutely no programming.
    Yes. We offer a 25% discount to government, NGOs or Non profit organizations. Write to info@raptivity.com for more details about discounts.
    Minimum system requirements for interaction creators:- Intel Pentium III Processor or higher, 256 MB RAM 850 MB free hard disk space or higher 256-color monitor or better, Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 with latest service packs, .NET Framework 2.0 or above (If you are using Windows 7 or above, please ignore this step) Mouse or compatible pointing device.
    Minimum system requirements for learners:- Intel Pentium III Processor or higher, 64 MB RAM, Flash Player 9 or above, Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.
    A Single-user could use 1 serial key to activate the product on Home computer and on Office computer only on the Windows operating system.
  • Tutorials

    Just Starting Out

    Customizing a Raptivity Interaction
    Play Video Tutorial
    Adding Hyperlinks to Interactions
    Adding Hyperlinks to Raptivity (v7.6) Interactions
    Play Video Tutorial
    Using the Media Toolbox
    Using the Media Toolbox in Raptivity (v7.6)
    Play Video Tutorial
    Information Look up in Raptivity
    Using the Product Search in Raptivity
    Play Video Tutorial

    Third Party Integration

    Integration of Raptivity Flash output with Articulate Storyline
    Easy integration of Raptivity Flash output with Articulate Storyline (v7.6)
    Play Video Tutorial
    Integration of Raptivity with Adobe Captivate
    integrating raptivity with captivate video
    Play Video Tutorial
    Integration of Raptivity Output in Multi SCORM Utility of Captivate
    multi-scorm output of captivate
    Play Video Tutorial

    CMS / LMS Integration

    Integration of Raptivity SCORM output in Canvas
    integrating raptivity with canvas

    Integration of Raptivity HTML5 output with Moodle
    integrating raptivity with moodle

    Integration of Raptivity output with Blackboard
    integrating raptivity with blackboard

    Integration of Raptivity Collaboration Tools
    integrating raptivity with adobe presenter

    Steps to integrate Raptivity output in Canvas using SCORM upload method

    I) Create a course and publish it in Canvas.
    II) To integrate Raptivity interaction as a SCORM object, perform following steps:
    • SCORM menu under the left side menus is visible once a course is created by the teacher.
    • Select the SCORM menu to upload your SCORM package directly to Canvas.
    • After uploading, there is an option to choose the type of import for the package. Select "import as graded assignment" to track the grades and click "Go”.
    • After completing the uploading of SCORM package, Canvas automatically adds an assignment to the course with the same name as the SCORM that you uploaded.
      This assignment is internally linked to the SCORM package uploaded under SCORM section.
      This assignment has default settings which can be edited.
    • Publish the assignment and the course.
    • Invite students to the course.
    • From Student login, you can attempt the assignment.
    • After attempting the assignment, you can check your grades from the Grades section.

    Using Raptivity HTML5 output with Moodle

    Moodle LMS is SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant. You need to first publish the Raptivity Interaction as SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 compliant. Please ensure that the interaction is published as a HTML5 output. After publishing the interaction, you can then zip the published output and host it on Moodle. Please follow the below mentioned steps to import the published output to Moodle LMS:
    I) Importing the Output:
    • Type the URL Moodle server / URL path in any browser.
    • Home page for the Moodle LMS will be displayed with the login link.
    • By clicking on the login link, the Login page for Moodle LMS will be displayed. Then enter your username and password on this page.
    • Click on the ‘Courses’ on the ‘Site Administration’ panel.
    • Click on the ‘Add/edit courses’ link from the same panel under ‘Courses’./li>
    • Click on ‘Add a new course’ button.
    • Enter the details about the course.
      Note: The value of following parameters should be mentioned as listed below:
      1. Format – SCORM format.
      2. Availability – This course is available to students.
      3. Force Language – English.
    • Enter the details about the course.
      Note: The value of following parameters should be mentioned as listed below:
      1. To assign students to the course, click on ‘student’ link.
      2. Select ‘name of user’ from right panel.
      3. Click on left arrow to add to the students list.
      4. Click on ‘Assign roles in Course ID’ button to save (here actual id of course will be displayed).
    • Click on the ‘Click here to enter your course’ button.
    • Click on ‘continue’ to add SCORM package.
    • Enter name and summary. Then click on ‘Choose or update a file’ button'.
    • Click on ‘upload a file’ button in the displayed window.
    • Click on ‘Browse’ and search for ‘SCORM.zip’ package.
    • Then click on ‘upload this file’ button. (Now you will find the message ‘File uploaded successfully’ displayed on top of the window.)
    •  Now, there are two ways to choose the uploaded file. Please check the below mentioned options.
      Option 1: 
      Click on checkbox provided for file selection and click on ‘choose’ link.
      Option 2: 
      a. Click on ‘unzip’ link for the uploaded .zip file.
      b. Click ‘OK’ at the bottom of the window.
      c. Click on unzipped folder and click on ‘choose’ link for ‘imsmanifest.xml’ file.
    • Click on ‘Save and return to course’ button (If you need to apply other settings, apply before clicking this button).
    II) To Access the course from admin side:
    • To view the course, click on the course name link under the course structure.
    • Attend the course.
    • Click on ‘Exit activity’ link on top right corner to exit from the course.
    III) To view reports of the attempted course by the student:

    After attempting one or more time, you can find the ‘view reports for 1 attempts (number of attempt)’ link on the top right corner of the course page.

    • Click on ‘view reports for 1 attempts’ link
    • You can find the name, attempt, start and end date and score on the displayed page.
    • Click on ‘attempt number’ under attempt header.
    • Now, you will find the name, status, total time, score and ‘track details’ link. By clicking on the ‘track details’link, you can find all the other details.

    Using Raptivity output with Blackboard

    Note: Follow these instructions for the interactivities published with single file output.
    You can easily create interactivity using Raptivity and include it in the Course created using Blackboard using following simple steps:
    • In Raptivity, ensure that interactivity is published with as single file output.
    • Create zip file of the Raptivity Publish Folder.
    • Create a course in Blackboard LMS.
    • Open the newly created course.
    • Now to edit the course documents, click on 'Edit View' link on the top.
    • Add Item in course documents by clicking on 'Item' link.
    • Give appropriate name to the Content.
    • Under content section, Click Browse to attach the content created in step-2.
    • In the special action, select 'Unpackage this file'.
    • Select other options as required and click Submit.
    • On Content actions page, under 'Embedded media information, select the entry point as the .swf file from the list of various available files.
    • Click on Ok button to save the item in the course document.

    Using Raptivity output with Adobe Connect

    Note: Follow these instructions for the interactivities published with single file output and you need to have Adobe Presenter® 7.0.2 or higher version installed on your machine.
    You can easily create interactivity using Raptivity and include it in your Adobe Acrobat Connect® Pro Meeting using following simple steps:
    • In Raptivity, ensure that interactivity is published with single file output.
    • Start Microsoft PowerPoint® and create a new presentation.
    • Click on the “Adobe Presenter” menu and it will open up the Adobe Presenter® ribbon. On this ribbon, click the “Insert SWF” option and then click the “Insert SWF File” button.
    • Browse for the Raptivity Interaction Flash file using the Browse Dialogue and press the “Open” button.
    • Click on the Publish Button on the Adobe Presenter® ribbon. Ensure that you select the “Zip package” option from the Publish window.
    • Press the Publish button. This will create a .ZIP file at the specified location. Now, to integrate this with Adobe Connect® Meeting Pro, follow the steps below:
      a. Start Adobe Acrobat Connect® Pro Meeting and create a new Meeting.
      b. From the “What do you want to share?” menu, select the “Documents” dropdown and click on the “Select from My Computer” button.
      c. Select the ZIP file that you created with Adobe Presenter®.
      d. Once you select the file and click “Open”, the file will be uploaded to the Adobe Acrobat Connect® Pro Meeting room.
  • Sample Courses

    Raptivity Samples

    Interactions created using Raptivity

    Low-carb Diet Quiz
    Low-carb Diet Quiz
    By: Raptivity Team
    ‘Catch Them Fast’ quiz that lets you identify low-carb food items in a fun way
    Choosing a Home Loan Provider
    Choosing a Home Loan Provider
    By: Raptivity Team
    Criteria for choosing home loan presented as a dialogue between two characters
    Bank Bribery Act Quiz
    Bank Bribery Act Quiz
    By: Raptivity Team
    A stimulating ‘Bet, Answer and Win’ game on Bank Bribery Act
    Branding Lessons of Famous Brands
    Branding Lessons of Famous Brands
    By: Raptivity Team
    Branding lessons from famous brands presented as ‘Panning Cards’

    Linker Samples

    Courses created using Raptivity Linker

    Using Storytelling as a Powerful Instructional Strategy
    Using Storytelling as a Powerful Instructional Strategy
    By: Team Raptivity
    This short module explains what is storytelling, essential story elements, story mountain and tips for effective storytelling.
    PCI Compliance v3.1
    PCI Compliance v3.1
    By: Monique Head
    This Learning Arc explains the 12 PCI Compliance requirements and goals, along with a practice exercise.
    Gamification EspañolI
    Gamification EspañolI
    By: Madya Ayala
    Madya explica cómo crear un aprendizaje interactivo utilizando una solución innovadora.
    Is it for me?
    Is it for me?
    By: Team Raptivity
    It is built using various Raptivity interactions and a YouTube video.
    The Road Ahead
    Raptivity Linker Sample course on eLearning and its benefits
    By: Team Raptivity
    This Learning Arc explains importance, case study and success stories of e-Learning in manufacturing units.
    Work Ergonomics
    Raptivity Linker Sample course on Office Ergonomics
    By: Team Raptivity
    It is built using Raptivity Interactions, an external video pulled in from Exaltive and ‘Text Only’ slide layout.
    Laws of Motion
    Raptivity Linker Sample course on Newton's Laws
    By: Team Raptivity
    This Learning Arc explains Newton’s three laws of motion and assesses the learner on the same.
    Crisis Management
    Raptivity Linker Sample course on Crisis Management
    By: Shay Patel
    Through this informative Learning Arc, Shay attempts to build a comprehensive course on Crisis Management.
    Demystifying Gamification
    Raptivity Linker Sample course on Gamification
    By: Team Raptivity
    It is built using Raptivity Interactions and multiple slide layouts.
    All About Articles
    Raptivity Linker Sample course on Usage of English Language Articles
    By: Margaret Choy
    Margaret beautifully explains all about the English language articles through this interesting Learning Arc.
    Ethical Leadership
    Raptivity Linker Sample course on Ethical Leadership
    By: Ann Jackson
    In this small Learning Arc, Ann tries to explain the intricacies of Ethical Leadership.
    Information & Communication Technology
    Raptivity Linker Sample course on ICT tools
    By: Dr.Kumuda Gururao
    This sample consists of a Learning Arc that gives a quick jist of the tools used for Information and Communication Technology

    Customer Samples

    Interactive Raptivity samples which were created by Raptivity customers

    Sample by Consulio
    Sample by Consulio
    This interaction is created using Raptivity interaction and is in Croatian language
    Sample by Consulio
    Sample by Consulio
    This interaction is created using Raptivity interaction and is in Croatian language
    Sample by Consulio
    Sample by Consulio
    This interaction is created using Raptivity interaction and is in Croatian language
    Sample by Consulio
    Sample by Consulio
    This interaction is created using Raptivity interaction and is in Croatian language

    Third Party Integration Course

    Raptivity interactions have been used in Articulate, Captivate & Microsoft PowerPoint® to create interactive courses.

    Articulate Storyline Course
    Raptivity Articulate Storyline Course
    Check out this sample course on ‘Sexual Harassment’, created in Articulate Storyline and enhanced with Raptivity interactions.
    Captivate Sample Course
    Raptivity Captivate Sample Course
    A Captivate sample course on ‘Healthy Eating’, which uses multiple Raptivity interactions for a richer learning experience.
    PowerPoint Sample Course
    Raptivity PowerPoint Sample Course
    A PowerPoint sample that explains Raptivity and its feature set, using PowerPoint slides and embedded Raptivity interactions.