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About Us

We created Raptivity over a decade ago to
empower people who aspire to create interactive learning experiences.

Dr. Vikas Joshi
Vikas Joshi
Chairman and Managing Director,
Harbinger Group

Vikas founded the company, invented the patented technology that powers Raptivity, and continues to drive innovation. He spends time in Pune and in Silicon Valley.

Janhavi Padture
Janhavi Padture
VP Strategy and Business Development

Janhavi works closely with Raptivity customers to bring their voice into the company, helping the product and business strategy to evolve. Janhavi operates from San Franscisco bay area.

Shweta Kulkarni
Shweta Kulkarni
Vice President - Projects

Shweta is a technology leader whose mantra is to align the product development and service delivery with customer success. Shweta leads a team of software engineers in Pune.

Poonam Jaypuriya
Poonam Jaypuriya
Vice President - eLearning

Poonam hosts Raptivity thought leader program, and draws on her rich e-learning insights for building brand Raptivity. Poonam leads a team of e-learning producers in Pune.

Raptivity is brought to you by Harbinger Knowledge Products, a Harbinger Group company.
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