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Quiz Leadership Skills Leadership is an important function of management which helps to maximize efficiency and achieve organizational goals.
Quiz Know If You're Under Peer Pressure! Take a simple quiz and know if you're being pressured by the people surrounding you. Help yourself get out of the pressure!
Interactive Display Wanderlust Do you have an urge to travel? Want to go to the best places in Europe? Read on!
Quiz Basics of Digital Marketing Digital Marketing is the upcoming boom. This quiz takes you through some basic knowledge required to understand digital marketing fundamentals.
Game Communication Skills Communication skills are most necessary in the corporate world. They define your confidence and ability to be persuasive. This quiz gives you an idea about where your communication skills stands.
Quiz Women in STEM and Business The history and contributions of women in STEM and the corporate world have shaped the world as we know it in varied ways. Here's a little quiz about them.
Game Chess and Business Strategy Succeeding at chess and business often have overlapping strategies. Here is an introduction to succeeding at chess and the corporate world.
Interactive Display MS Office Microsoft Office is a set of computer applications. Here is an overview of what makes up MS Office.
Quiz Health and Disease Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle! Bowl your way into the quiz and find out how you fare in the assessment about health and diseases.
Quiz Introduction to Neurodiversity and ADHD Here is a short quiz on the myths and realities of living with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and neurodiversity.
Quiz Sound and its effect on the human body Check your knowledge about music and its effect on human body.
Interactive Display Addiction Learn more about what is an addiction and how to seek treatment.
Quiz Book to movie adaptations Every author and their fans dream of the day they get to see their favourite worlds and characters on the screen.
Interactive Display Adulthood Here are the different kinds of needs associated with adulthood and how those can be successfully fulfilled.
Quiz Basics of Criminal and Civil Law in Europe Europe is a diverse continent with multiple civil codes. Here is an introduction to some of the Judicial systems of Europe.
Quiz Accounting Model Take this Accounting quiz to understand the basics of the Accounting Model. This quiz will provide you a brief idea if you will need to take the basic prerequisite for Accounting Fundamentals.
Game Jaundice Disease Test your knowledge of Jaundice Disease on an advanced level. This quiz will let you gauge the knowledge you hold at a professional level.
Quiz Autism Spectrum Disorder and Autistic Children: Myths and Truths Autism spectrum disorders affect 1 in 160 children in the world. However it is still a largely misunderstood disability that can have serious impacts on children and adults.
Interactive Display Mental Health & Yoga Mental state implies a state of psychological well-being. Learn how yoga enhances inner sense of ease and well-being.
Interactive Display A Guide To Teamwork Know how you can interact better with your teammates in the corporate setting.
Interactive Display The Rise of Hollywood: The Current Scenario Want to know why Hollywood is the most popular entertainment industry?
Interactive Display Forests and Wildlife Do you know the key components that contribute towards forests and wildlife?
Quiz The Role of Copyright Do you know how a Copyright works? What is its role? Take the following quiz to estimate your knowledge against a Copyright law!
Quiz Geneva Convention Are you aware of the Americas most important war time history? Take this quiz to estimate your knowledge relating to Geneva convention.
Interactive Display Natural Disaster Management Know more about Natural Disaster Management and all its aspects.
Quiz Customer Service Skills Customer Service Skills are one of the most valued soft skills in today's workplace.
Quiz Financial Management Managing finance is an important aspect in day-to-day life. This quiz takes you through the important variables needed to read financial statements.
Interactive Display Healthy Food Here is a guide on the best diet to stay healthy.
Quiz Quiz on Stress Management Take a quiz on stress management to know if you're stressed or not!
Interactive Display Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Do you know what constitutes as Emotional Intelligence in the corporate world?
Quiz Famous Painters and Artists Across the World Painters and sculptors and their schools of creative and artistic expression have shaped our way of looking at the world in allegorical and abstract ways.
Quiz Introduction to European Geography and Culture Europe is a rich and diverse mosaic of geographic uniqueness and cultural expression.
Quiz Developing Creativity A skill that can be developed at any age.
Interactive Display Sustainable living and development Know more about the natural resources and how to incorporate an eco-friendly lifestyle
Game United Nations Let's take a quick quiz to rate your knowledge about the United Nations. For every correct answer, you get to throw a dart and aim for a balloon. Each time a balloon pops, you get bonus points.
Interactive Display Emotional Quotient (EQ) Here is a quick guide on what is Emotional Quotient and the factors associated with it.
Quiz Motion and Force Experience thrill and excitement as you play along and find out how you fare in this physics quiz. For every correct answer, you hit a strike. For every incorrect answer, you miss a strike.
Interactive Display A History of Space Explorations Space exploration and spaceflight: A timeline around the world!
Quiz Identify Food Across the World Cuisines across the world are a rich and varied mosaic of national and cultural identity. Here's a little quiz about them.
Quiz Grammar and Vocabulary Quiz Preparing for a test? Or just looking to prove a point? Try our Grammar and Vocabulary Quiz to see what a master of English you are!
Interactive Display Diversity and Inclusion Here are the different dimensions of diversity and inclusion at a workplace.
Interactive Display Meal Planning Learn why meal planning is important and how to meet the nutritional requirements.
Quiz Negotiations Negotiation skills can be learned and applied in a wide range of activities. Negotiation skills can be of great benefit in resolving any differences that arise between you and others.
Quiz Cyber Security Help the little mouse get his favorite cheese by answering some questions on cyber security.
Quiz Stress Management Everyone who has ever held a job knows that work-related stress is not just common but it's entirely normal and expected...even in a job you love. Deadlines, external stressors, challenges to fulfill can cause pressure and mental distress.
Quiz The Brain Teaser Test your general knowledge and enjoy a yummy pizza in return!
Quiz Do You Have A Work-Life Balance? A Perfect Work-Life Balance Is Not A Concept That Can Easily Happen, Especially In This Fast-Paced Day And Age. But That Doesn't Mean Employees And Managers Cannot Work To Improve That.
Game Consumerism Check if you know about the different aspects of Consumerism.
Quiz Critical Thinking Let us see how well you put on your thinking caps! Test your critical thinking ability!
Quiz E-commerce Experience thrill and excitement as you bowl your way into this quiz on E -commerce. For every correct answer, you hit a strike.
Interactive Display Online Learning Here are some pointers on achieving the most from an online learning session.
Quiz Introduction to Meritocracy and Hierarchies in Politics and Corporatism Whether its politics, corporatism or even everyday life, hierarchies define the way we interact with each other and how resources and power are distributed.
Game Introduction to Probability Introduction to Probability is the science of how likely events are to happen.